Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Things around us are always temporary. They never last. Our institutions of hope, of love and of joy don't last. I want today to end. And I want to wake up to something different.

Morning sun rising. Cold air. But warm too. Droplets of dew. And a gust of spring sunshine. And then that beat and percussions at 1.04. A kinda hopeful eargasmic version of 'Walking on the air' - but grown up. And sure of itself. This is Parklands.

Londoner Cyrus Sharad is a genius. Then theres Kirtanaya's Indian humming vocals. A softness that takes you in to the curl of her sways of 'sitaram' - building up to a levitating outro which unfortunately ends. I would have been happy for this to carry on. I feel like I have been on a journey. I feel like I have been on a Hiatus. I want more.

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