Saturday, 13 April 2013

Keep Me, Never Leave Me

Work at 8am on a Saturday is never a good way to start the day. Then a long drive to London is not the one. Normally that would be enough to get me keeling over. But not today.

Rain sometimes dampens the mood, but sometimes, like today its a blessing. So after some memorable antics which won't be forgotten in a lifetime, and a couple of political debates later, I'm sitting in my hotel room thinking, time for some music.  Lyrically this sounds like a heartbreak style anguish song which doesn't quite fit my mood.  But the perfect mix of synthy, bassy, housey beat does. And that moment at 1.46 is a killer that needs to boost Thief, hailing from London into the limelight. The lazy infectious sound of Charlotte's voice adds a touch of retro. What I most like about the Thief sound is that its not quite the finished article in that there are still some kinks and quirks rather than the lathery overly slick synths from the other side of the pond. And Thief's other standout track Friend/Lover is going to be the first music I listen to in the morning. And that definitely fits the mood. 

Expecting big things from Thief in 2013. Watch this space!

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