Friday, 26 April 2013

The Week-End

Basically after a pretty rough few days at work, I put it to an end today with a few sweeping statements with my bosses. This is my little weekend mix which I fully intend to rinse to get myself back on track.

1. Playing Truant - I don't know what Joshua Idehen goes on about in Playing Truant, but there are moments of magic a plenty on this soft dreamy track. Pale not to be confused with Pale vv is one of the freshest producers around. And he delivers on this. Big time. Kinda like spoken word but with a bass and beat that kinda makes you wanna move. Its ok. You can move.

2. A Little Sumthin - Bipolar Sunshine has been getting a lot of blog love recently for his recent releases Fire and Rivers. For me this is the standout. FTSE has had his say on this too. Smooth vocals, heavy bass, clicking along. I think I found it. You can be the only one.

3. Calling Me - Chillwave. Aquilo. Twinkle. Resonance. Calling. Me. And I wake up, its calling me on. I expect sun out, shades on, breeze. This is like the song you stick on after a big night. And drift.

4. Blue Out - I don't know much about Mohit. But what I do know, is the lazy vocals and the experimental arrangement before the beat kicks in at 55 seconds is a sound i could easily listen to a million times over. The beat gives the whole track a bit of fullness. That's not a bad thing. It's what makes this such a warm listening experience. Slow me down and sweep my feet of the ground. And then that guitar at 1.56 gets the teenage air guitar out in full force.

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