Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Works been a bit crap lately - silliness overcoming any semblance of sense and reasonability. No cure, but what makes it ok or bearable sometimes is a bit of new music.

Basically three bands have got me salivating this year. Pale, Wolf Alice and Echopark.  And its the latter that have dropped their debut album first.

Waves, my favourite off the album along with Teleportation is something else. To compare to The xx would be disrespectful.  While there is a strong sense of gentle minimalist guitar on here, the rest of the album is a lot more upbeat.  What makes this track the standout for me is the mashing together of quieter reflective hollow sounds with an upbeat more house beat which just crashes and collides all the way to the finale once it seems the two sounds have reached a strong polarity with heads bopping harder. As the two tracks fuse together over a long climax, all that remains is the 'Waves' at the death.

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